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Heliconia list of available Rhizomes  ( last update October2010 )

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Botanic name
1 Heliconia acuminata cv. Davida
2 Heliconia acuminata cv. Ruby
3 Heliconia angusta cv. Holiday - out of stock
4 Heliconia bihai cv. Aurea - temporary out of stock
5 Heliconia bihai cv. Arawak
6 Heliconia bihai cv. Lobster Claw One A
7 Heliconia bihai cv. Lobster Claw Two B Red
8 Heliconia bihai cv. Lobster Claw Three
9 Heliconia bihai cv. Chocolate Dancer
10 Heliconia bihai cv. Cinnamon Twist
11 Heliconia bihai cv. Emerald Forest
12 Heliconia bihai cv. Granny Smith
13 Heliconia bihai.cv. Nappi
14 Heliconia bihai cv. Nappi Yellow
15 Heliconia bihai cv. Nappi Peach
16 Heliconia bihai cv. Peachy Pink
17 Heliconia bihai c.v. Purple Throat
18 Heliconia bihai cv. Yellow Dancer
19 Heliconia bihai cv.Yellow Dolly
20 Heliconia bourgaeana x H.collinsiana cv. Pedro Outiz
21 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Barbados Flat
22 Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai cv. Black Magic - temporary out of stock
23 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Bubble Gum 
24 Heliconia caribaea cv. Cream
25 Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai cv. Caribaea Pink
26 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Criswick
27 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Flash
28 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai Hot RioNight
29 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Jacquinii
30 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Kawauchi
31 Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai cv. Manoa Midnight 
32 Heliconia caribaea cv. Purpurea
33 Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai cv. Prince of Darkness
34 Heliconia caribaea x H.bihai cv. Richmond Red
35 Heliconia caribaea xH. bihai cv. Splash Bihai
36 Heliconia carmelae
37 Heliconia champneiana cv. Maya Blood - temporary out of stock
38 Heliconia champneiana cv. Maya Gold - temporary out of stock
39 Heliconia champneiana cv. Splash - very limited stock available
40 Heliconia chartacea L.ex B cv. Sexy Pink
41 Heliconia chartacea L.ex B. cv. Sexy Scarlet - temporary out of stock
42 Heliconia chartacaea cv. Surinam Gold - new introduction
43 Heliconia chartacea L.ex B.Temptress
44 Heliconia collinsiana var. collinsiana
45 Heliconia curtispatha
46 Heliconia densiflora verlot. cv. Fire Flash
47 Heliconia episcopalis
48 Heliconia episcopalis x H.standleyi cv. Flabellata - available now
49 Heliconia excelsa
50 Heliconia hirsuta L.F.cv. Costa Flores
51 Heliconia hirsuta L.F.cv. Trinidad Red - temporary out of stock
52 Heliconia imbricata cv. Jose Abalo  - temporary out of stock
53 Heliconia indica cv. Spectabilis
54 Heliconia indica cv. Spectabilis # 2
55 Heliconia indica cv. Striata
56 Heliconia latispatha Bentham cv. Distans 
57 Heliconia latispatha Bentham cv. Orange Giro
58 Heliconia latispatha Bentham cv. Red Giro
59 Heliconia latispatha Bentham cv. Red Yellow Giro
60 Heliconia latispatha x H.bihai cv. Fat Lat
61 Heliconia lasioarchis - temporary out of stock
62 Heliconia librata - temporary out of stock
63 Heliconia lingulata cv. Fan
64 Heliconia lingulata cv. Spiral Fan
65 Heliconia longa - temporary out of stock
66 Heliconia mariae
67 Heliconia marginata
68 Heliconia marginata cv. Lutea - New
69 Heliconia mathiasiae cv. Pacal
70 Heliconia metallica
71 Heliconia mutisiana
72 Heliconia x nickeriensis
73 Heliconia x nickeriensis variegated
74 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Bengal - temporary out of stock
75 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Eden Pink
76 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Edge of Nite
77 Heliconia orthotricha cv. El Tigre - temporay out of stock
78 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Garden of Eden - temporary out of stock
79 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Imperial
80 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Lehua
81 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Limon - temporary out of stock
82 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Macas Pink
83 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Razzberry
84 Heliconia orthotricha cv. She
85 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Total Eclipse - out of stock
86 Heliconia orthotricha cv. Tricolor
87 Heliconia orthotricha x H.stricta cv. Oriole Orange
88 Heliconia pendula cv. Bright Red - little stock left
89 Heliconia pendula cv. Red Waxy - temporary out of stock
90 Heliconia platystachys  Baker cv. Sexy Orange
91 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Andromeda
92 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Black Cherry
93 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Coverden Red
94 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Flamingo - temporary out of stock
95 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Kathy
96 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Keanea Red
97 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Lady Di
98 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Lena
99 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Lisa - out of stock
100 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Lizette
101 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Luzille
102 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Parakeet
103 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Petra
104 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Pinky
105 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Rosi - temporary out of stock
106 Heliconia psittacorum cv. St.Vincent Red
107 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Sassy
108 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Strawberries and Cream
109 Heliconia psittacorum cv. Savitri
110 Heliconia psit. x H. spath. cv. Alan Carle
111 Heliconia psit.xH.spath.cv. Golden Torch
112 Heliconia psit.xH.spath.cv.Golden Torch Adrian
113 Heliconia psit. x H. spath. cv. Golden Torch Sunshine
114 Heliconia psit.xH.spath.cv.Guadaloupe
115 Heliconia psit.xH.spath.cv.Tropic ( Fleur)
116 Heliconia psit.xH.spath.cv.Yellow Parrot - available now
117 Heliconia rostrata (Hanging Lobster Claw)
118 Heliconia rostrata cv. Ten Days
119 Heliconia x rauliniana
120 Heliconia stricta cv. Bucky
121 Heliconia stricta.cv. Oliveiras Sharonii
122 Heliconia stricta cv. Dorado Gold
123 Heliconia stricta cv. Dwarf Jamaican
124 Heliconia stricta cv. Firebird
125 Heliconia stricta cv. Iris Bannochie
126 Heliconia stricta cv. Tagami
127 Heliconia vellerigera
128 Heliconia wagneriana cv Pumpkin
129 Heliconia wagneriana cv. Rainbow
130 Heliconia wagneriana cv. Tricolor
131 Heliconia wagneriana cv. Turbo
132 Image of a typical Heliconia rhizome


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