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                Frangipani variety - Plumeria rubra cv. Jeannie Moragne - Apocynaceae


                New in 2012 - Heliconia Paradise Philippines

                A new nursery and plantation of plumeria has been established over the last few years in the Philippines on the island of Negros near

                Dumaguete City.

                We can ship from Dumaguete not only to many countries in the world but also to any destination within the Philippines and grafted plants are

                available in various sizes at any time of the year. Medium sized plants - often with flowers - and  ideal for private gardens or landscaping are

                ready to be picked up or shipped from May 2012 on. For further information please inquire here: contact for prices


                New in 2012 - Book on Plumeria from Thailand   - now released !



                Plumeria rubra and Plumeria obtusa varieties - Frangipani - Apocynaceae

                Please visit the links below to view the images of plumeria varieties and species on 22 pages that we have available as rooted cuttings or

                grafted plants.


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                Plumeria seeds   Plumeria seed images  Variegated Plumerias  Plumeria cv. Chiang Mai Rainbow


                Plumerias are smaller trees which can grow to a height of 10 m or 30 feet.

                The often highly fragrant flowers emerge from the tip of thick branches and are most abundant

                just before the beginning of the raining season in the tropics.

                The plants will shed their leaves during the dry season and thus are able to survive longer

                periods of drought. In areas with sufficient rain and warmth however the plants may keep their 

                leaves all year long and produce flowers any time.

                More than 500 varieties are in cultivation today with flowers ranging from deep red to

                multi-colored rainbow types.

                We are listing and posting pictures of new Plumeria varieties regularly.

                For the moment we have a collection of about 250 different varieties.

                If you are interested -

                Please send a request for a  pricelist of our Plumeria wholesale-list for cuttings or rooted cuttings and grafted Plumeria plants.


                We do also sell seeds of Plumeria depending on availability.


                Heliconia Paradise Plant Nursery Siit Botanical Garden Negros Oriental

                Frangipani Plumeria Trees for Sale within the Philippines only.

                We are offering over 250 different and excellent Plumeria varieties Kalachuchi trees in various sizes. Ideal for landscaping and ready

                for planting.

                Prices for local sales only.

                Compact and low growing varieties with multiple branches as well as

                upright growing trees up to 3m in height.


                Prices depending on size and variety.

                100 to 150cm 800 to 1000 Pesos

                150 to 200cm 1450 Pesos

                200 to 250cm 1650 Pesos

                250 to 300cm 1850 Pesos per tree.

                Larger Trees on request.


                Slow growing varieties for smaller gardens with limited space and bonsai culture.

                Prices depending on size and age of the plants.

                Inquiries are welcome.

                Other ornamental plants such as Adenium, Heliconia, gingers also available.

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