Typical Heliconia rhizome. Stem  7" to 10" long

                The size and weight of Heliconia rhizomes are varying depending on the

                species or variety. 

                Heliconia psittacorum rhizomes may weigh only 50 to 70g.

                Rhizomes of large Heliconias like H. caribaea varieties may weigh 300g to 700g

                and more.

                We are trying to keep the weight as low as possible yet offering high quality by

                selecting strong rhizomes.

                Usually there will be roots left on the rhizomes to give them a good start for 

                growing. Heliconia rhizomes should be planted in a substratum rich in organic

                material to avoid root rot. In order to achieve sufficient drainage the medium

                may be mixed with coarse peat, perlite, pine-bark or peanut-shells.

                The pH level should be slightly acidic, about 5.5, for best results. 

                A slow-release fertilizer may be added on top after planting to supply the 

                plant with nutrition during the first stages of development. Later established

                plants can be fertilized monthly if necessary.

                Pale green leaves can be sign of poor nutrition and as Heliconias are heavy 

               feeders, large plants usually require some fertilizing.

                It is very important not to plant the rhizomes too deep as this will invite fungi

                and cause root rot. Freshly planted rhizomes do need oxygen to grow new

                roots and will die if the planting medium is too dense and too wet. 

                The rhizome shown in the picture should be placed with the buds just

                emerging from the surface and not deeper.

               After receiving the rhizomes should be planted very soon. We pack them in a semi moist condition

               and the rhizomes will thus not arrive dry but often with new small white roots that have developed during the

               shipping period. As the rhizomes have been treated with fungicide, soaking them in water is not necessary and

               would wash the coat of protecting fungicide off.

                Heliconias are tropical plants soil minimum temperature should be 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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