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We specialize in exporting bulbs, cuttings and rhizomes (corms) of tropical ornamental plants grown in Thailand and in the Philippines. Concerning Heliconias in particular there is a wide range of species and varieties available. Moreover we have a collection of Gingers like Alpinia, Curcuma, Etlingera, Tapeinochilus and others on offer at wholesale prices. In addition you may  find wholesale of Plumeria, Adenium and Musa species and varieties of your choice here. As Plumeria have become  increasingly popular during the past few years we have extended our collection with many new and exciting varieties. Please visit our links below a and view images of 256 currently listed Plumeria, available as rooted cuttings or grafted plants. For further information or requests on plants not listed do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to promptly  provide you with any information necessary.

H.cv. Lobster Claw 3

Heliconia list

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Curcuma roscoeana

Curcuma and Globba

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Etlingera cv. Red Tulip

Musa and gingers list

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Adenium varieties

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