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List of available Curcuma bulbs - New list for 2011/12 with some new added varieties

Please note : The list below on this page shows some Curcuma varieties of which not all are longer available

Curcumas belong to a special group of gingers with colorful inflorescences, which often make good cut-flowers. These plants go dormant usually in November and will sprout again in April or May. Rhizomes are generally small, resembling bulbs. Some Curcumas prefer filtered sunlight while many also grow in full sun to some shade. Those which can be grown in full sun are all Curcuma alismatifolia varieties, Curcuma Pathumrat Hybrids , Curcuma sparganifolia 'Siam Diamond'  and 'Siam Ruby'.

Minimum order is 5 bulbs per species or variety.

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Curcuma list - Botanic name
1 Curcuma alismatifolia No.1
2 Curcuma alismatifolia No.10
3 Curcuma alismatifolia "Compact"
4 Curcuma alismatifolia "Khao Doi Thung"
5 Curcuma alismatifolia "Kimono Pink"
6 Curcuma alismatifolia "Pink"
7 Curcuma alismatifolia 'White'
8 Curcuma alismatifolia 'Chiang Mai Red "
9 Curcuma alismatifolia "Sweet Pink"
10 Curcuma aurantiaca  
11 Curcuma cordata "Jewel of Thailand"
12 Curcuma gracillima "Chiang Mai Chocolate"
13 Curcuma alism. x Curcuma harmandii
14 Curcuma thorelii "Chiang Mai Snow"
15 Curcuma sp. "Siam Diamond"
16 Curcuma sp."Siam Ruby"
17 Curcuma roscoeana ( Pride of Burma)
18 Image of Curcuma bulbs
19 Some notes on Curcuma
Globba rhizomes
1 Globba winitii " Mauve Dancing Girl"
2 Globba winitii "White Dragon"
3 Globba winitii "Golden Dragon"
4 Globba winitii "Violet"
5 Globba winitii "Pink"
6 List of available Curcuma and Globba 2010/11


Please note that Curcuma  and Globba bulbs are only available from the beginning of December to April/May.


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