Nelumbo nucifera - Lotus    see a second picture of Nelumbo at the Arboretum

                The above photograph has been taken by Karl Krieger in the Arboretum of Ellerhoop, North Germany in summer 2006.

                This is a smaller but highly interesting Botanic Garden, where you can see the Lotus growing vigorously in an open pond

                at a latitude of 56 degrees North ! During flowering time in August and September the plants are attracting thousands of visitors.

                We do have rhizomes and seeds of Nelumbo nucifera.



                Seeds of mixed Nelumbo varieties are available.


                6.00 EURO per 50 seeds

                10.00 EURO per 100 seeds

                38.00 EURO per 500 seeds

                72.00 EURO per 1000 seeds

                or the equivalent in US Dollars.


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