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                Adenium obesum - Desert rose ( Apocynaceae)


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                The desert rose originally comes from East Africa to South Arabia where it can be found

                growing in rocky savannahs and deserts. Due to its beautiful flowers Adenium is being

                cultivated throughout the tropics but the many cultivars are not yet as popular in countries with temperate climate

                as one might think. Desert roses are succulent, sparsely branching and slow growing but can event-

                ually reach a height of  7'. However, in Africa old specimens can be found which have grown 

                15' tall.

                Adeniums are semi-evergreen and will drop their leaves only for short periods if kept warm 

                and provided with sufficient water. In nature a dormant period of several months is normal due

                to drought and cool temperatures. For this reason the desert rose is a versatile easy to grow

                plant that will endure lack of water and cool weather. Grows well in containers and may be used 

                in tropical garden designs as well as in rock-gardens etc.

                The desert rose requires a fair amount of light and should be grown in full sun.

                Apart from a number of species there are many clones and hybrids in cultivation with colors

                ranging form pure white over mauve to pink, bright red and even yellow.

                Note: the plant sap of some Adenium species is poisonous

                Rooted cuttings, seedlings and grafted plants available on request.


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