1.Tacca chantrieri - Devil Flower - Bat Plant     View larger picture

                This curious plant which is a native of Southeast Asia has been named Devil Flower

                due to its appearance. The large purplish-brown bracts with long appendages are indeed

                a very special aspect of this inflorescence.

                Large glossy leaves are light green to dark green.

                Tacca should be planted in well draining soil. It prefers filtered sunlight and will thrive in shady 

                conditions with sufficient humidity.

                Minimum temperature during growing season 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees


                We currently have only rhizomes of seedlings available which will have slight color variation.

                Selected varieties are at this time not availble.


                2. Tabernaemontana longiflora

                3. Tabebuia caraiba


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