Musa sp. " Thai Red" - red variegated ornamental Banana - Musaceae

                This attractive Musa is said to have been found in Southern Thailand or Malaysia.

                    It is not the same plant as the " Rowe Red " banana which is frequently being offered in the plant trade in the USA.

                    Thai Red displays a far higher percentage of red color on its leaves with some leaves completely red.

                    As this plant is only available recently it still fetches a high price also in Thailand and has so far not yet been properly

                    described it seems.  From our observation the plant grows upright in a more or less slim manner.

                    It should be planted in a sheltered place in full sun but not extreme sun as it will suffer from leaf-burn.

                    Easy to care for if planted in well draining  soil  and produces new shoots easily under suitable conditions.

                    Rhizomes are available in very limited quantities only.





                    Musa sp. Ae Ae   - white variegated Banana - Musaceae

                    Beautifully variegated Musa which also produces edible variegated fruits.

                    Still quite rare and special. As rhizome production is extremely slow demand always exceeds supply.

                    Available in very small quantities only.


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