Frequently Asked Questions

        What is your minimum order ?  Our minimum order is $ 100 since  October 2002 as smaller orders are not viable.

      However, if you are spending  holidays in Thailand we can bring your plants to any Hotel in Bangkok and smaller quantities can be ordered.

      Also - if the minimum order quantity appears to be too high for you a mutual order with some of your friends might be the solution.

        Do you ship individuals or only companies ?  We also ship to individuals.

        Will the plants be delivered to my place ?  Yes, when shipping by EMS - Express Mail Service - the plants will be delivered to your place.

        Can plants be shipped with parcel services like DHL, UPS or TNT ?

     Unfortunately NO, because these companies refuse to ship plants from here.

        How long does it take for the package to arrive ? Depending on the country sending by EMS may take 3 to 10 days.

        How can I order ?

     Please send a list of the plants you are interested in.

     We will then send a quote to you including all charges like shipping etc.

        How can I pay ? A secure and convenient way to transfer payment is via services. More information about this is included in the Ordering and Shipping Information which will be sent to you by e-mail if you ask for price lists.  

        Do I need an import permit ?

     A number of countries require an import permit for the importation of tropical plants. If you are a citizen of a country of the  European Union you will not need a permit so far.

     American citizens however need a permit since 2002.

     The permit is free and can be obtained at :

        Do you have information on hardiness regarding tropical plants ?

     We frequently receive questions about the hardiness of plants and it is very difficult to give advice because there is very little information available on this subject. For some of our plants we have data regarding the USDA hardiness zone at the website, but for the majority of tropical plants no research has been done so far. Growing tropical plants in a temperate or subtropical climate always requires care, protection from cold weather, wind  and so on. Many tropical plants may grow well during summer but are prone to damage when it gets cold. However, some species are more resistant to cooler temperatures and can be grown rather easily if winter protection is provided. It is very advisable to choose a special, sheltered place in a garden because a micro-climate can make a huge difference.

     As I am not able to judge the conditions in other countries or at your individual location it is recommended that you try to find information from people who already grow similar or the same plants in your area.


        What is a rhizome ?

A rhizome, corm or tuber is a part of the underground root system which is capable of producing new shoots and stems after being cut off and replanted. The rhizomes of some plants like Curcuma or Globba can only be shipped during the dormant season. ( January to the end of April )


        Can you ship to my country ?

     We can ship plants to most countries except to some of the below listed destinations.

     There are however some countries which do have certain restrictions.

     One of these countries is ITALY for example. If you live in Italy you can order only a quantity of up to 5 plants from    abroad. For any higher amount of plants to be imported you need to be listed on the importers list. Apparently it is easy  to get listed and you will have to contact your local department of agriculture or customs and plant inspection station in  order to get information.



       The countries listed below are highly problematic :

        1. France

        Reason: continuous and enormous problems with the customs and           


        2. Costa Rica

        Reason: required additional declarations for the Phytosanitary Certificate

        that cannot be issued in Thailand.

        3. India

        Reason: same as above

        4. Mexico

        Reason: same as above

        5. South Africa

        Reason: same as above

        6. Australia

        Reason: same as above

        7. New Zealand

        Reason: same as above


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