Dichorisandra thyrsiflora - Blue Ginger - Comelinaceae

                Commonly called the " Blue Ginger" this plant is not a true ginger as it belongs to a different plant family.

                However, it reminds of a Costus with its spirally arranged leaves and requires like most gingers filtered sunlight.

                The plant produces strong stems which may reach a height of 5' To 7' ( 1,50 m to 2.10 m ) , carrying terminal deep blue

                flowers. An interesting aspect is also the base of the stems which seem to be decorated with large hairs but are actually only patterns

                on the stems surface.

                A very special plant for cooler and semi-shade areas.

                USDA minimum zone: 8


                b. Dichorisandra pendula


                2.  Dracaena loureiri


                3. Dracaena reflexa


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