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            For US citizens an import permit is required.

 It is free - you can apply here:



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                Escrow will keep the buyers payment until he has received and inspected the merchandise.



Post office pages and tracking :

You may find the website of the postal system of your country of residence here:



The Heliconia Society :



                You can find very detailed information and a large number of photographs of gingers at:




                Discuss your experiences with tropical plants and find information at this great source :



                View a collection of very beautiful Plumeria pictures here:






View a range of  interesting Heliconia and Calathea species photographs at:


Visit the Plumeria encyclopedia and take a look at the many Plumerias  listed there at:


A newly established Botanic Garden on the southern tip of  Negros / Philippines invites you for a visit:


The " Botanical Ark " is a conservation project by Alan Carle in Australia. Visit his very interesting website at:

( Please note: You may find it hard to contact or to communicate with Mr. Alan Carle.

I have sent e-mail to him twice which he failed to reply. This is only my personal experience of course.)


While most governments do absolutely nothing to stop the growing destruction of wildlife habitat and forests

a number of people on this planet have endeavored on their own private projects to make a difference.

The Pumalin Park is the largest private owned nature park on earth.



Kukiat is a genuine plant lover who owns a private collection of Plumeria and many other tropicals such as Amherstia nobilis in Thailand.

Here is his site:

This link below is leading to some interesting news on the Plumeria trade - date Febr.07



Retailers of plumeria plants and seeds which are recommended:






Not recommended from my personal experience:



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