Curcuma alismatifolia 'Pink' - Siam Tulip - Chiang Mai Pink

                The 'Pink Tulip Ginger' superficially resembles a tulip in appearance and originates from Thailand.

                The rose-pink inflorescence makes a good cut flower appearing during the summer.

                Like other Curcumas it goes dormant from November to May and this is the time when bulbs can

                be supplied.

                Can be grown in full sun to 30% of shade while reaching a height of about 2'.

                A single bulb may produce 3 to 4 inflorescences during the first year if conditions are ideal.

                Curcumas like a rich but well drained soil with adequate moisture. During dormancy the bulbs

                should be kept dry.

                P.S.:Some countries have imposed import restrictions on Curcuma alismatifolia because of

                a bacterium which occasionally infects these gingers. A special declaration on the Phytosanitary

                Certificate may be necessary to import C.alismatifolia to your country.


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