Curcuma roscoeana - Pride of Burma - Jewel of Burma

                This striking ginger will grow to about 2' high ( 60 cm ) ( under ideal conditions 3' ) and enjoys

                30% to 50% of shade. Direct sunlight may result in leaf-burn. Pure orange inflorescence turning to light orange-yellow inside.

                Delicate small flowers emerging between bracts are white with yellow throat.

                Broad medium green leaves extending above inflorescence. Precious cut flower in tropical

                countries and a beautiful ornamental during the raining season.

                Plant goes dormant in winter and should be kept dry during this inactive period. It is advisable to dig the bulbs out for cool and rather dry storage

                during cold season in subtropical climates.

                USA hardiness: Zone 9 and higher

                Curcuma list   Curcuma list 2010/11