Plumeria rubra cv. Chiang Mai Rainbow

Chiang Mai Rainbow is a plumeria which we discovered near a temple in the province of Chiang Mai in the year 2000. We were on the hunt for interesting plumerias and had seen this big tree in full bloom when we passed by in a car. I asked my friend Prida to stop and was immediately impressed by the magnificent flowers and especially by the strong and fresh fragrance reminiscent of roses or, as some say, of litchee. Spontaneously my friend said “Wow, Chiang Mai Rainbow!” and we stuck with this name when we propagated the plant after asking for permission to take a few cuttings. Ever since then I shipped this variety to many countries as grafted plants or simply as cuttings. In became quite well known soon after particularly in the USA.

Unfortunately our stock of mother plants in Northern Thailand burned down completely a few years later when a fire was laid to the plantation. However, I still had some smaller plants and planted them in the Philippines where I started a new nursery in 2006. We now have enough material to continue propagating and selling this very charming variety.

Chiang Mai Rainbow has abroad upright growing habit and is a rather strong grower.The plants start blooming regularly after reaching more than 1m ( 3 feet) in height. The petals can appear more elongated than on the picture, depending on the season and condition of the tree.

Here is a short description:

Deep pink to maroon-pink buds develop into star-shaped flowers of 7.5 cm to 9.0 cm (3” to 3.5”) diameter; white and yellow with shades of pink and a red-orange throat.

Petals: slightly overlapping, broad oval, pointed, medium texture.

Fragrance: very intense, sweet and fresh.

Leaves: dark olive-green with light green veining, elliptical with pointed tip.

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