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The book Plumeria in Thailand- A Guide to 235 Varieties that I have been working on for a long time is finally being released and I hope that it will find a good response and provide interesting information for all who wish to know more about these exotic trees.



Plumeria in Thailand

A Guide to 235 Varieties

by Joerg Pein


200 pages, hardcover.

Language: English


Published by:

White Lotus Co.Ltd.




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Brief description:

The plumeria, also known as frangipani, is a fascinating tropical tree unrivalled for its rich variety of colors and fragrances.

Thailand, being a hub of plumeria hybridizing, has yielded a whole range of horticultural varieties which are described and illustrated by the author.

The book lists the known species and 235 cultivars of mainly Thai origin, many of them introduced and described for the first time.

Written for the enthusiast as well as for the interested hobby gardener it provides comprehensive information on propagation, care and flowering.

At home or during travel - the botanical data, color photographs and the Thai names with their appropriate pronunciation are making this book an indispensible guide.


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Some notes of interest:


2011 has been a disastrous year for many people in Thailand who have lost their homes and livelihood as a consequence of the floods which inundated vast areas of the country. Huge amounts of water which derived from months of unusual and heavy rain in the North had finally made their way towards Central Thailand and Bangkok before slowly flowing into the sea. The provinces Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Chachoengsao,Nakhon Pathom and Suphanburi were heavily flooded for more than a month and the water level often reached 2 or 3 meters above normal.


As a great number of nurseries are located in these provinces they have of course been badly affected, too. Much of the stock of Adenium and Plumeria has been destroyed, among them invaluable mother-plants. We have not been spared and the result is a limited number of stock for the shipping season in spring of 2012.

Fortunately, I started to establish a second nursery in the Philippines already three years ago on the island of Negros where the entire collection of our Plumerias has been planted for future propagation and export. As we will have enough propagation material ready by this year, I am confident that we can supply and ship sufficient Plumeria plants as usual for the season of 2013, starting in autumn 2012. Smaller quantities are already available from May 2012 on from the Philippines


For orders that we ship abroad a minimum order value of 80 EURO for Europe and 100 US $ for the US destinations is required. Smaller orders are not viable for us as there is much paperwork involved. So for smaller orders it is recommended to contact one of the retailers abroad.


However, we can supply smaller quantities for smaller orders directly in Bangkok and possibly other parts within Thailand or the Philippines. In Bangkok we can deliver to any hotel including the Phytosanitary Certificate for plants that you wish to bring with you when you fly home.

As no soil is allowed, the plants are bare-rooted and will be packed with the roots wrapped in slightly moist newspaper. All leaves will be removed ( if there are any present ) and the plants will then be carefully packed into cartons between layers of shredded paper for protection.

Remember that the box with the plants will be sealed after inspection at Kasetsart University and that it cannot be opened until you reach customs in the country of destination.


Retailers in Europe and the USA who are offering our varieties from Thailand will still be able to offer a good selection this spring and more is going to come for 2013.

All of these retailers do have stock of Plumerias in pots ready for planting from spring to fall.

Some do also provide seeds of which we have constant supply from our mother plants in the Philippines. These can also be ordered directly from us of course, if larger quantities are needed.




Joerg Pein


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