Rust resistant Frangipanis - Heliconia Paradise

Rust free or rust resistant plumerias are an interesting alternative for not only for very humid tropical regions but also for people who simply do not want to have this fungal disease on their frangipanis in their gardens. Among species like Plumeria pudica, Plumeria caracasana and Plumeria cubensis there are also some hybrids which are little or not affected by plumeria rust for example  San Germain (syn.Saint Germain). Already plumeria hybridizers are now working on more of these varieties and there are a number of them on the market which resulted from crossing with Plumeria caracasana and Plumeria pudica.

I am offering some of these plants as you can see below.


 1. Khao Mongkon

This plant contains most likely Plumeria caracasana blood and comes like the following cultivars from Thailand.

It grows often ( but not always ) on a strong, single stem and is a strong grower in its youth.

Flowers: large, sweet, slight fragrance, white with a light yellow center, reaching 4 to 5 in diameter.

Leaves: medium green, widest near apex and with wavy margin.

Grows to about 4m or more high and is very robust and drought resistant.

Very suitable for landscaping as a single tree or background plant.

Not completely rust free but little affected under humid conditions.


2.Khao Dok Phut

 Similar to Khao Mongkon but with deeper yellow center, 4 in diameter with rounded petals.

Growing mostly on a single stem and thus forming a tree.

The flower-heads are more dense than on Khao Mongkon and it has more fragrance.

Leaves: medium green, widest near apex and with wavy margin.

Not as sturdy and strong as Khao Mongkon, reaches 4m and more in height.

Little or not affected by Plumeria rust.

3. Khao Dok Kaeo

 Obviously P.pudica blood  in this variety, producing multiple stems with lush dark green foliage and large, long lasting flower clusters all year long.

White with light yellow center, 3' to 3.5 in diameter.

Leaves: dark green, slightly glossy, with wavy margin and widest near apex.

Grows 3 or 4 m tall and produces bushy, healthy plants.

Has been observed to be completely rust free and also grows well in the shade.


Khao Mongkon I Khao Mongkon II
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Khao Dok Phut I Khao Dok Phut II
Khao Dok Kaeo I Khao Dok Kaeo II

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