Tabebuia caraiba  - Silver Trumpet Tree - Bignoniaceae    ( standing next to Plumeria rubra cv. Chompoo Paan )

                Very beautiful smaller tree ( 30' to 40' or 9 to 11 m ) for all subtropical and tropical gardens.

                Being one of the longest flowering Tabebuias, T. caraiba often is in bloom for a period of one month or more.

                In comparison other Tabebuias like T. rosea which only last about one week this is a big advantage.

                Flowers bright yellow, tubular appear in spring in South Florida and from February to April in Thailand.

                Leaves silvery green, half deciduous. Tree does not shed leaves if sufficient water supply is provided throughout the year.

                Drought resistant and and easy garden plant once established.

                We do have seeds and seedlings available, depending on the season.

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