Ensete superbum - Musa superba

                This delightful species originates from India but can also be found growing at the rim of forests

                in Burma and Thailand, often on rocky ground and at some altitude. It may have been intro-

                duced to these countries as an ornamental and found its way into nature by itself.

                The beautiful bright green leaves which can reach a length of about 5' alone give enough

                reason to grow this ornamental banana and it has been in cultivation in India indeed for a long

                time. The blooming plant can reach a height of 10' to 12' while the dark brown-red inflorescence

                is held well above the larger leaves. Pseudostem growing very thick at its base.

                During the dry and cool season in the tropics the upper part will die and the plant will start sprouting

                again from the underground corm when the monsoon rains begin to fall.

                As this plant does not produce rhizomes propagation is by seeds.

                No rhizomes available but occasionally seeds can be supplied.


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