Ensete glaucum ( Musa glauca) - Snow Banana

                This very interesting species originates from Burma, Thailand, India and South China.

                Grows up to 5m high on bluish-green pseudostem. Leaves are grey-green, waxy, up to 1.8m long.

                Large pendulous inflorescence very conspicuous. Can be found growing up to 1000 m high on

                mountainsides in Yunnan where it resists periods of cool temperatures.

                USDA minimum zone 8 though it may be more cold hardy due to some reports.

                A very showy and exotic looking but little-known plant which is fast growing and requires rich soil.

                No rhizomes available but occasionally we have seeds.



                10 seeds - 4.00 USD

                50 seeds - 15.00 USD

                100 seeds - 25.00 USD

                500 seeds - 100.00 USD

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