Costus  sp.  “Red Stem” – Cheilocostus lacerus “Red Stem” - Costaceae

                Now correctly called Cheilocostus as the most recently revised botanic name for all Costus from tropical Asia.

                There are  4 genera which have been listed as Costus in the past but are now known as Cheilocostus.

                All of these 4 genera are native to South East Asia and New Guinea.


                This is apparently a form of Cheilocostus lacerus from Thailand with conspicuously red colored stems and leaves with reddish undersides.

                The flowers are smaller and more rounded than those of Cheilocostus speciosus  and have an average diameter of about 2” ( 5.0 cm ) only,

                while C.specious has flowers that average 3" ( 7;50 cm )

                The color is more of a creamish-white, while Costus speciosus has pure white flowers.

                Flower-buds: pink with purple hues.

                Easy to grow also in pots and very decorative, rather fast growing ginger, reaching a height of 5” to 7” ( 1.50 to 2.10 m ).

                The plant requires filtered sunlight and well draining soil conditions.



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